: : 1st Season Lower Console/Dash Support : :

This lower console and dash support are actually two separate units and are made to fit together tightly, but can be purchased separately if desired.

Dash Support Features:The dash support is made to fit and screw into the hand brake area of the factory console. It has a side cover plate that is then installed and conceals the mounting screws holding the support in place. With the side cover plate removed you have easy access to the inside of the dash support making it an ideal route for running wires from your center console to your dash, or fuse box. With a hollow interior it also make a nice spot to mount your t.v. controls such as the channel up & down buttons, volume control or infrared detector. The possibilities are many with this style support.

Lower Console Features: This lower console is nearly identical to the one used on the show. It includes a custom built keypad labeled "CODING" with "SPACEMAP" printed beside it.

Very sharp corners and edges define the outline of this console and a lexan cover is used to mount the various buttons and fits over the top of the fiberglass console. This provides a very smooth, flat surface that sits approximately 1/16'th of an inch below the top ridge of the console giving a very professional appearance to the finished product.

It can be purchased in various forms including a fully functional version with switches that can control vehicle accessories and produce touch tone sounds when pressed. The console is offered with two types of keypads for the "CODING" area. It comes standard with a dummy keypad, but can be replaced with a functional keypad that produces touch tone sounds at any time. (functional keypad may also be ordered separately)

Four white rocker switches located in the center of the console are rated for 5 amps and are ideal for supplying power from your fuse box to individual components such as your pod unit, consoles, or video equipment for example. Two rows of push buttons (1 green row, 1 red row ) can be configured for push-on, push-off action, or momentary action and can be used to switch on extra vehicle features such as fog lamps, front scanner, open the rear hatch lid or anything else you may desire.

Dash support and lower console

Out of mold #1:
Out of mold #2: with lexan covers and ready for assembly:
Finished #1: in gloss or satin black paint (no buttons or keypad)
Finished #2: with buttons and dummy "Coding" keypad
Finished #3: with buttons and functional "Coding" keypad
Finished #4 Fully operational unit with tone sounds and keypad

This console is UPGRADABLE. You may purchase the console with the base features and send it back at any time to upgrade it to a more functional unit. Note: Due to the availability of the correct dry transfer lettering used on the red and green push button switches, the lettering is not included with this product.


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