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With over a year in design and development into this new product, ADAT is pleased to offer the 1'st season, 2 t.v. style dash system. Every attention has been paid to detail and this dash setup is truly unique in many features. (Scroll Down for More Images)

Key electronic features:

  • Tone generator 4 step countdown sequencer.
  • "Selectable cruise mode" Allows you to select which mode to run in at the push of a button. (Activates a tone sound and lights the appropriate vox lamp.)
  • Multiple dummy displays that may be used as additional gauges or scaling displays.

Aesthetically (the fiberglass dash): The 2 t.v. wrap around dash is nearly identical to the one used in the prop car. While the bottom is open for easy access of the electronics and also for safety reasons, the sides are complete and show no exposed electronics or wiring.

  • The speaker openings fall directly over top of the speakers and the front defrost vent lines up perfectly with your existing ductwork.
  • When installed, the complete dash system lines up perfectly with the steering column, all openings, no mounting hardware for the electronics are visible and the overall appearance is of a "factory finish".
  • The finished dash comes in either gloss or satin black.
Aesthetically (the electronics):
  • It features all of the proper LED's in the proper placement and form*, all of the correct lettering is printed in the same size and style font used on the prop car, and the voice box display is more accurate to the show than any other dash system on the market today.
  • The vox display comes in either the "Solid Red" or "bargraph" display form.
  • Extra functional dummy displays allow you to install a "display mode" generator (see "display mode unit" in the accessories page of our site) for even greater visual appeal.

Electronic features

Top dash countdown displays are built into the dash at the time of manufacturing and are not a separate unit. This method provides a neater appearance to the finished product.

Vox display
- 4 step sequencer with tone sounds

  • "Selectable cruise mode" allows you to choose which cruise mode you wish to run in at the push of a button. A "touch tone" sounds when either the "Normal", "Auto", or "Pursuit" button is pressed.
  • Outputs from the "auto" and "pursuit" selection allow you to connect to your cruise control and functional hood scoop.
  • By default, "Normal Cruise" is lit at start up. Even if the car is shut off while in the "Pursuit" mode, the car will restart in the "Normal Cruise" position.
  • The far left board next to the speedometer, has three additional LEDs that are concealed and are used for the turn signals and high beam indicator. They are shadowed out with the display overlays and are only visible when lit. This keeps with the original design of the dash while providing the necessary indicators for driving. The two green bar LEDs on this same board are marked "GUIDANCE" and "SYS. RDY" may be connected to and and used for the "check engine" lamp and "choke" lamp indicator. (if your car is fuel injected, the LED bar may be wired straight to +volts and remain lit. For accuracy reasons, a 4 digit dummy display is located on this board. A functional odometer is not available.

    The speedometer display board contains the speedometer and the vacuum florescent display message center.*** The speedometer can be precalibrated for your specific vehicle prior to shipment.

    The tachometer board is where all the main vehicle gauges are located. It contains the fuel, oil pressure, engine temp., and the voltmeter gauge.

    The third display board between the tachometer display and the monitors contain five additional gauges that may be connected to other sending units (not provided) to signal readings for various functions such as vacuum, transmission temp., ect., or can be used to provide a dummy scaling effect when used with the "display mode" box.

    Two five inch t.v. monitors fit the t.v. area. The monitors are listed as an optional item.

  • Two dummy display boards are located under the t.v. monitors and tachometer displays and are wired for display only.
  • Four red push buttons are located underneath the right monitor and contain one push-on, push-off switch used to power the dash, and three momentary switches that are used to select between cruise modes.

Dash options:

  • 5 in. t.v. monitors. The monitors can be either black and white, or color. If you prefer LCD style monitors, please call for pricing. Monitors may be purchased by either the customer or ADAT. Any monitor used, purchased by either party is subject to a monitor install fee which is based on the type and style of monitor purchased.
  • VFD Message Center - Additional $450
Out of mold:
Finished and painted
Finished with 2 5in. black and white monitors
Finished with 2 5in. black & white monitors and standard electronics


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