: : 1st Season Front Bumper : :

Here it is!!!! The most popular product on the replicacar market to date!! The season one front bumper is identical to the season four, with the exception of the turn signal "blackouts". The pictures shown are of a finished, primed, ready to paint front bumper. These photos were taken in this form to better show the details of the "blackout" covers. The photos show this bumper placed on our test vehicle that is 100% original GM equipment with hood and fenders perfectly aligned and without concealed body damage. The "blackout" covers are not see through. They cover indentions in that part of the fiberglass bumper and are intended to give the look of the original, however special orders may be placed to cut these areas out to make the "blackout" covers see through. The last photo shows an up close view to the "blackout" cover to reveal the four attachment points where the covers screw to the bumper. The caps on the screws are the correct size for an even more accurate look of the original.Do you want authenticity? You've got it with this custom front bumper! In fact, it's better than that. What most people don't realize is that the prop car bumper was just that. A prop. While it looks great on camera, up close in person will reveal imperfections that nobody would want on a true custom show car that they would want to display to the public. This front bumper fits perfectly with the natural body lines of the car and looks like it was truly made for the Trans Am. From the hood lines, to the fender lines, to the bottom air dam, everything is a perfect fit* and you have not only our word on that, but the words of many satisfied customers as well. Let the critics scrutinize all they want..... they won't find any imperfections here. Many months of design research went into the creating of this bumper to assure accuracy as well as durability. A 3-D model was used as well as photos of the best aesthetically pleasing views and then this bumper was sculpted out of high quality foam to assure a solid model in which to cast from. The sculpting alone took nearly 2 months in itself to complete. Once the sculpture was complete, it was cast out of high quality tooling gel coat and casting resins to assure a long lasting, durable mold in which the bumper would be reproduced from. If you prefer the look of the season one front bumper, then this is definitely the one for you! The custom front bumper may be ordered in out of mold form, or in the finished form, which comes to you primed and ready to paint.

1CFBO: Out of mold
1CFBF: Finished and ready to paint



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