: : 1st Season Pod Unit : :

This is about as close to accuracy as you can get on the market today, with actual production built units. The 1'st season pods were designed based off of screen shot episodes and various diagrams of the actual unit used. The design of the actual fiberglass was changed to accommodate easy entry into the vehicle to avoid hitting, and possibly damaging the unit. This unit sits approximately 1in. higher and is more even with the hand grips of the steering wheel than what was seen on the prop car used for filming.

Features: These pods are unlike any other on the market today and use of the word "functional" does not just mean that it has real buttons and lights come on. These units contain the necessary electronic circuitry needed to carry out the functions and produce the tone sounds.

This unit is available as a complete functional unit that has 18 total outputs that can be used to operate various vehicle accessories such as your scanner, rear hatch lid, power door locks, ect. The electronics of the unit are not only designed for appearance and authenticity, but for logistical means as well.

Example: When a light comes on.... not only does it come on because "it did on the show".... but that light coming on actually means something in relation to the circuit it's in. The same for the tone sounds you hear. The complete unit comes supplied with a wiring harness that contains the necessary male and female connectors you will need to connect to your vehicle's accessories.

Fiberglass unit:  
Out of mold:
Finished in gloss or satin black
Complete unit:  
Finished with buttons only (LEDs light)
Finished fully functional with tone sounds

Switch boards: The switches assembled and mounted to the boards can be purchased separately as a complete unit and can be used in your own applications.

Switches mounted to PC boards only



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