4th Generation Series

4th Generation Bumper

An Advanced Designs original!!

Advanced Designs is proud to announce the release of it's new custom front bumper package designed for the 4'th Generation Trans Am / Firebird. NOTE: This custom bumper is designed to fit any model Trans Am or Firebird  for the years 1993-1997 .

With an easy installation and a perfect fit, this new custom style bumper will give your 4'th Generation Trans Am or Firebird a custom look all to it's own.....and second to none!

This new design brags of style and performance without giving an overly "aggressive" look. A scanning effect light bar is added for an even more "custom" look or the opening can be left solid or cut open and used for a custom air intake.*(see note below)

Aftermarket fog lamps are included in the package as well as custom parking and turn signal lamps that give this vehicle a more aggressive look at night or day! Lexan fog lamp covers provide protection as well as easy access to the fog lamps for lamp replacement.

The lexan covers are slightly tinted and simply "pop" in the openings. No hardware is needed to secure the covers, giving this a very clean appearance. A lip built into the fog lamp openings keep these covers from falling into to openings under wind pressure while driving.

Custom heavy gauge aluminum plates are made to support the fog lamps and parking lamps. These plates simply bolt directly to the factory steel bumper and fog lamp alignment is easily adjusted through the fog lamp openings of the bumper, once installed on the vehicle.

The full package comes in finished form and is built for show quality custom cars. If you are customizing your '93-'97  4'th Generation Trans Am to show quality standards and are looking for a custom front bumper, then this is the one for you!

The full package consist of the following:

Custom front bumper in finished form, primed and ready for paint.
Custom front scanning effect light bar.
1 set of custom parking/turn signals
2 sets of custom fog lamps with all wiring
1 set of custom heavy gauge aluminum plates for mounting fog lamps and parking/turn signal lamps.

Full package price:

Package option 2:   $3,000
This package includes everything in the full package except for the scanning light.

Bumper only (in finished form, ready to paint):
Comes with fog lamp covers included

Bumper only (in out of mold form) :                     $2,000

Does not include fog lamp covers

Additional information about our custom bumper:
As with all of Advanced Designs custom fiberglas parts, this custom front bumper is built using the "hand laid glas" method.
Hand laid fiberglas provides superior strength and performance, and stands the test of time.

Note: *We do not produce an aftermarket kit for a custom air intake*

4'th Generation Trans Am custom overhead console

Advanced Designs is proud to announce the release of it's new custom overhead console for the 4'th Generation Trans Am or Firebird. This new console will fit all years of the 4'th Generation Firebird or Trans Am from 1993-2002 .

A very sleek, low profile design that does not interfere with your rear view mirror or sun visors. This console is made of fiberglas and vacuum formed with the same factory material used by GM on their dashes. It comes in the deluxe model, custom model, or empty for you to add your own touch.

The deluxe model: (pictured)
The deluxe model (shown) comes with multicolored momentary switches that produce true touch tone sounds when pressed. This model also comes with a digital compass with outside air temperature and a 4 wheel independent tire pressure/tire temperature gauge. The outside of this unit is vacuum formed with the same material used on the dash from the factory for a perfect match to the rest of the interior. The material can be custom painted to a color of your choice at an additional charge. (black is shown in the pictures)

The Custom model:
You may customize this option to your liking.
You have a choice of digital compass with outside air temp, digital clock, 4 wheel tire/temp. gauge, with or without buttons or tone sounds, or different color caps for the switches.

The Empty (console only) model:
This option is for the fiberglas console in finished form only, and does not come with the vacuum formed vinyl on it.
This option allows you to fill the console as you wish. Most any small aftermarket gauge will fit in the gauge openings, and this provides a cost effective means for the customizer.

The Deluxe model: $2,200
The Custom model: Call for quote
The Empty (console only) model:

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