:: Reproduction Fiberglass PMD Hub Caps ::

Tired of spending countless hours in the junkyard only to find nothing, or caps that are dented or in need of major repair? Well..... we have the answer for you! These replica hubcaps are available and come in either 14 or 15 inch. They are made of fiberglass and will NOT dent. Mounting is provided by three tabs in the back of the cap that fit between the fins securly and will only mount in a certain manner to assure they line up correctly with the rims. When mounted, these caps fit beautifully and are identical to the factory cap from the outside point of view. Each "lug hole" has approximately 1 inch of depth to it, meaning there is not just a hole drilled through the cap itself, but rather a hole with a 1 inch tubular depth behind the holes. Due to the process of manufacturing, these caps are NOT AVAILABLE in the out of mold form.


Come in black gel coat only------$95.00 each


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