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Well you've worked hard and now the project has finally paid off, but now what? It looks pretty, but you find most of the dash just lit up. It needs something....but what?

If you are one of those people who can't get enough visual appeasement, then our new "display mode" is just for you. This box features custom built electronics that tie into the inputs of your speedometer and tachometer as well as the telltale display board located to the left of the two monitors (on the 2 t.v. dash setup) With this display mode unit, you will see a very impressive display on the dashboard as the speedometer reaches a count of nearly 400 MPH and the tachometer reaches a count of nearly 40,000 RPMs in a sequential fashion. At the same time the speedometer and tachometer are sequencing, the telltale board's bargraph displays are randomly sequencing back and forth, just like they did in the show! If you are at a car show, or just showing your car......this unit is a must have for those that just can't get enough "flashing lights"

Please note: This display mode feature is designed to work with the ADAT dash electronics for either the 1'st or 4'th season style dash system only. However, it will drive the speed and tach display for most other brands of electronics. Also, for added convenience and to add functionality to your pod unit the display mode box can be powered directly from an output from your pod unit. ( ADAT pods only)

Price: $150.00


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