:: High Powered Scanner Light Bar ::
No conversion car would be complete without one of these high power scanning effect light bars. A very high quality light bar that looks as though it belongs under the hood. The light bar itself is made out of aluminum which is machine bent according to prints. It has dividers for each bulb socket and uses eight, 55 watt H-3 halogen bulbs. The high power interface is incorporated into the light bar itself, making installation of the light bar very easy. So easy in fact, that the average novice could install the scanning bar unit in less than 20 minutes. The unit uses two lens, a clear lens and a red lens. The clear lens is a heat shield that protects the red lens from excessive heat. The light bar is grounded to the vehicle chassis and also screws to the front custom bumper for a perfect fit. A separate wire from the light bar for power goes directly to the battery under the hood. The control box is mounted inside the vehicle and will control the speed of the "scan" effect of the light bar, from very slow to very fast. A shielded DB9 cable connects the two using a DB9 connector on the control box end. The light bar end is hard wired to prevent corrosion of terminals. This high power light is clearly visible in broad daylight.


High power scanner light bar with red lens $450.00



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