Other Services

Custom exterior painting:
ADAT now offers to provide you with a show quality finish to your conversion through a local, highly reputable paint and body shop. All paint and body work comes with a lifetime guarantee from a body shop with over 30 years of experience. The paint job includes a custom wet sand and polish after painting for a superior show quality appearance. Anyone who wishes to view a sample of this work may view any custom conversion built by ADAT.

Factory center console restoration:
If you are tired of lurking through junk yards finding bits and pieces to make one console, let us help you. We can restore your factory center console to "like new" condition and finish it off with a fresh coat of paint in the original factory satin finish.

Factory interior panel refinishing:
Refinishing your interior plastic panels can be quite a hassle and if not done properly, can lead to peeling or lifting of the paint and all the effort and money spent could be lost. We offer professional refinishing of your interior panels using the most advanced PPG paints made specifically for the type of plastic used in automobiles.

Molded carpet sets in the correct tan color:
Looked at many color samples lately? Still uncertain of which one is correct? Let us know and we can order your carpet set and have them delivered to you. Custom floor mats for the carpet sets are also available. These services are currently available through ADAT.

Please call for more information and current pricing of these services.
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