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Need another ride??..... Want to own a replica car that is "show room" quality? Do you lack the experience, time, or patients it takes to make a replica worthy or being on the car show circuit?? Advanced Designs will build you a replica that will surly make you proud to display time and time again should you decide to purchase the turnkey option. Each turnkey purchased has a complete mechanical run through prior to converting the vehicle into a replica. The list includes, but not limited to:



-door hinges/locks

All major mechanical repairs are made to assure a reliable means of transportation. Aside from the mechanical part of the car, interior items are also repaired or replaced. These also, include but not limited to:

-front and rear carpet sets
-plastic interior panels
-door panels
-PMD style seats
-seat belts/lap belts

Once the vehicle is brought back up to reliable mechanical standards, the vehicle is prepared for any necessary body work. Once the body work is complete the vehicle is given a new "jet black" coat of paint. When all the body work is complete, the interior parts are replaced with new parts, such as the carpet sets, headliner, door panels. All plastic parts are restored to "like new" condition as well as newly upholstered PMD style seats. Finally, once the car is brought back up to "factory standards", the custom conversion interior items are installed. Each turnkey vehicle purchased will include the custom wrap around dash with the standard dash electronics, the standard switch pod set, custom "gull wing" steering wheel, upper and lower consoles, and no conversion would be complete without the custom front bumper with red light bar installed. At an additional cost, other options can be added to your turnkey for that "personal" touch.


4th Season Turnkey: $40,000.00
1st Season Turnkey: $40,000.00

Financing Available:
ADAT is pleased to announce that financing for a conversion replica is now available to qualified applicants through J.J. Best Banc & Company.

J.J. Best Banc & Co. is recognized by Antique, Classic, Exotic, Muscle, Kit, Rod and Sports Car enthusiasts, as the national leader in the classic automobile financing industry. Rates starting at 5.65% APR

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