When you see a product marked, "UPGRADEABLE" that means money well spent.

While most of the products in our catalog are complete and ready, certain items such as consoles or dash features are designed to save you money by purchasing the basic unit first, and upgrading it to the features you would like to have at a later date.

Example: Why purchase a center console and settle for what it comes with and then turn around and purchase another one at a later time with the features you really want?

Upgradeable products include:

1'st season style: Dash options: Upgrade from the standard package, to functional odometer, night time driving feature, display mode at any time.

Switch pods: Upgrade from the basic switch unit, to fully functional unit with tone sounds.

Lower console: Upgrade from the basic unit, to functional "CODING" keypad and switches with accessory outputs and tone sounds.

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Ph: 540-484-0753
Email: dcolie@adiautotech.com

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