Replica Steering Wheel:


  • Removable front face plate; logo horn button

Material used for manufacturing:

  • High grade urethane composite.
  • An inner support frame consisting of Aviation grade aluminum that is rough finished through a machine for maximum adhesion to the urethane composite.

The Advantages:

  • A front removable cover that allows easy access for mounting the wheel
  • A logo horn button for added convenience to reconnect your factory horn.
  • The urethane composite used to manufacture this wheel is a high impact resistant material and is much stronger than any fiberglass.
  • The inner frame support is designed to help prevent serious injury that may occur in an accident due to failure to wear a safety belt. The extension pipe used to mount to the column is cut straight up and down with the inner frame support welded to the front of the pipe.
  • The main part of the inner frame support is welded to the front of the extension pipe, is one piece and runs up inside both hand grips. The extension pipe is mounted to the column via an adapter that can be purchased from about any auto parts store. This method reduces strain from the steering wheel itself and transfers it to the metal inner frame structure.

Description: This high quality steering wheel is made solid with an inner aviation grade aluminum sub frame welded to an extension pipe that mounts to your steering column via an after market adapter. The front of the steering wheel has a thin cover that is made from fiberglass and is designed to break away with force. The front cover is removable by two screws that come in from the back side of the wheel that prevents the mounting hardware from showing. With the cover removed you have easy access to the inside of the wheel for mounting to the column and accessing your horn switch. It is available in either 1'st season (as shown) or 4'th season style with the grips carved in the sides of the handles. It may be purchased in 3 different fashions:
1. Out of mold
2. Out of mold prepared for assembly with all the hardware included (If you prefer to order out of mold, it is strongly recommended you go this route)
3. Finished form. The finished form is sent to you painted in your choice of a satin finish or gloss black. The horn button is installed and cover plate secured. Includes installation instructions.

Out of mold option 1
Out of mold option 2
Finished and painted option 3

Special options can be included at an additional cost.

Note: finished steering wheels do not include lettering or wording which can be ordered by special request. These steering wheels are for car shows or off road use only and are not a legal replacement for your factory steering wheel.



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