: : High Powered Scanner Light Bar : :
No conversion would be complete without this and Advanced Designs offers the brightest scanner light available! Featuring Halogen light bulbs and a red lens this is the item that truly makes your car stand out.
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: : Replica Steering Wheel : :
Our Gull wing steering wheel is the most unique on the market. Made of high grade composite urethane and reinforced with an alluminum frame for safety.
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: : Reproduction Fiberglass PMD Hub Caps : :
Finding these can be the toughest part of your conversion. Now Advanced designs is offering replcacement hubcaps made of Sturdy fiberglass that will hold up better than the orginals!
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: : Bumper Grills : :
You've seen them used on TV now get a set of your own for your replica bumper. These grills fit over the foglight openings in your replica bumper for a unique look.
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: : Reproduction Shifter Knob : :
Tired of spending countless hours in the junkyards looking for these? Here's you solution. Advanced Designs is pleased to announce that we now carry an exact replacement shifter knob for your Trans Am. These are brand new shifter knobs and include the center button and rod. They come in satin black ready to mount. Note: Emblems for the center button are not available.
Price: $50.00

: : Display Mode Unit : :
If you are one of those people who can't get enough visual appeasement, then our new "display mode" is just for you.
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: : Taillight Blackout : :
Our one piece blackout cover is an unbreakable tinted cover that lays flat over your stock tail lamp assemblies. Matching the contours of the quarter panels beautifully, this cover is made with a one inch 45 degree bend at the top that lays between the rear hatch lid cover and the top of the tail lamp assemblies. Mounting is done by using two screws to hold the top of the cover to the top of the tail lamps. This method allows the mounting hardware to be unseen from the outside of the vehicle.

One piece blackout for tail lights..........................$100.00

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